Art Sciences

History of Art and Aesthetics in the Art department

Theory for practice

The course elements offered in Art Studies concentrate mainly on familiarising students of the Art and Design faculties with methods of reflection. The lectures and seminars focus in a targeted manner on the analysis of knowledge and ideas that are associated with the use of the techniques, tools and materials of the various areas and media that are taught in the faculties of Art and Design. Taking historical work approaches and historical constellations as examples, we show how artists have taken up active positions relative to the knowledge and social codes that are the foundation of their production means. In addition, Art Studies will introduce students to various historical conceptions of seeing and perceiving; this subject deals with the most important modes of interpreting images; addresses historical issues regarding the images of trades and of artists’ professions; it also attempts to ensure that students possess basic knowledge of the mechanisms of distribution and reception of art, alongside the implications that are associated with the production of art.

Teaching areas

History of Art