Using self-sufficient energy, wood and robotics for a carbon neutral way of constructing

The concept “Baustelle(n) Zukunft” describes how the building sector should change and needs to change in order to contribute to the achievement of the climate targets Germany has set for 2050. 
To begin with, the idea consists of self-sufficient construction machinery that supplies itself with energy. Secondly, wood is the building material of choice. As this renewable raw material has the ability to store CO2 when installed, wood is not just CO2-neutral but even CO2-positive. Finally, the concept makes use of artificial intelligence, fed by data from nature. Together, these three components allow for a CO2-neutral construction.

The company BECK kindly provided the FASCO® LIGNOLOC® pneumatic nailer.

Manifest by Nikolaus Hößle

student:Nikolaus Hößle
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