a modular research and innovation building in Dübendorf / Switzerland – 23.9.2019

EMPA is an interdisciplinary research institute working in the fields of material science and technology development. The EMPA NEST is a five story building in which building innovations developed by both EMPA and their partners can be tested. The building sector alone is globally responsible for about 40 % of the energy use and 35 % of CO2 emissions. Since 2016 the EMPA NEST offers to test building innovations in up to 12 isolated units under actual living conditions. Each unit is sponsored by a network of diverse actors in research, politics and economy and can reduce the financial risk of real life implementation. Amongst others there are units dealing with “energy management & isolation”, “material, urban mining & recycling” and “fitness & wellness”.

Thanks to Björn Niesen for the insights and guided tour


text: Johanna Denecke, Leopold Seiler, Anna Maxwell, Lu Meiying