a symposium on the potentials and hurdles of solar energy – 14.10.2019

As a kick-off to the complex topic, we invited speakers from research, design and businesses to present their work and positions in short lectures at the symposium the power of… on 14 October 2019 and to discuss the potentials and obstacles of solar energy with us afterwards. Our guests are Frederick Ecke (Bau Kunst Erfinden), Martin Hermenau (Heliatek), Gero Lücking (Lichtblick), Francesco Pizzutilo (Arup) and Sebastian Schindler (Fraunhofer CSP). As speaker and moderator, the climate journalist Nick Reimer lead through the program and raised critical questions  in the subsequent panel discussion.


17:00 Short presentations:
Nick Reimer: “The history of the German climate goal”
Gero Lücking from Lichtblick: “Photovoltaics must become a commodity”
Francesco Pizzutilo from Arup: “shaping a better world with solar energy”

17:30 Panel discussion followed by questions from the audience

– short break –


18:30 Short presentations:
Sebastian Schindler from Fraunhofer CSP: “Beyond watt per module and costs per watt – novel indicators for photovoltaic classification and renewable utilization”.
Martin Hermenau from Heliatek: “Building-integrated organic photovoltaics” 
Frederik Ecke from BAU KUNST ERFINDEN: “DysCrete – Solar Power from Concrete”

19:00 Panel discussion followed by questions from the audience

– get-together –

Photos: Jana Isabella Luck

The event is supported by the state of Saxony-Anhalt.