Zurich / Switzerland 23.9.2019


Franziska Müller-Reissmann runs the material library at ZHdK (Zürich College of the Arts), which is part of the Material-Archiv network. The space encourages the multi-sensory exploration of a multitude of different material samples while also inspiring critical discussions on ecological, moral and political topics. 

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

The Museum für Gestaltung (Museum for Design) is also located within the Tony Area, next the ZhdK.

Franziska Müller-Reissmann first gave us a great tour around the museum’s collection archive, as she was significantly involved in establishing it. It houses four main collections: applied arts, graphic, poster and design, and displays a varying choice of special shows on a diversity of topics.

Afterwards we visited the current exhibition “Design laboratory: Materials and Technology”, which presented projects in the field of sustainable materials, robotics, and 3D-printing and the overall use of resources in a critical, creative and innovative way.

Great thanks to Franziska Müller-Reissmann for the inspirational guided tours

Material-Archiv at ZhdK

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

text: Johanna Denecke, Leopold Seiler, Anna Maxwell, Lu Meiying