The course

Painting discipline within the Painting/Graphics ‘Diplom’ degree course

Focuses of this course of study

The development of students’ individual artistic positions is the primary focus of the course of study in Painting. Multi-disciplinary elements with other areas (e.g. Space or Music) are both possible and desired here.

Brief information

  • Discipline within the Painting/Graphics course
  • Focuses on abstract, experimental and conceptual painting
  • General and subject-specific foundation course
  • Free individual work during main study period, individual artistic instruction


General qualification for university entrance, and artistic suitability. No specialist prior technical and craft skills are required. Exceptions: The general qualification for university entrance can be waived in cases of exceptional talent combined with professional experience.



‘Diplom’ degree in Fine Arts

Start of course

Winter semester, first-semester students per year: 2-6

Standard duration of course

Foundation course: 4 semesters,
Main study period: 6 semesters including ‘Diplom’ thesis
‘Diplom’ thesis: Written thesis and practical work, ‘Diplom’ colloquium


There are no university fees

University and examination regulations

Link to relevant regulations (available only in German)

Postgraduate courses

Fine Art
‘Meisterschüler (Master Student)’ course of study