The course

Master’s course in Conceptual Fashion Design

Aim of the course

Reality, fiction, inspiration, authenticity, chance, body… in fashion design, these terms are intertwined, are in dialogue with one another, are in motion, and they determine and explain each other. The most important element in this simultaneous coexistence is the manner of the individual rapprochement with the concept: clearly structured methodical approaches and chance as discovered in experiments will both be included here. A collection is thus not just the result of a concept, but is rather part of a process where consideration of the phenomena identified above is stimulated in many different ways: whether through a “mood board” while working on a form idea for a cut design or through the sit of a material, a passage of text, a film, a piece of music… controlling this process and guiding it towards an end product is more than performance; developing one’s own perspective here and harnessing research, experiment and chance as sources of inspiration are the building blocks for training in professional clothesmaking.

Course of study

The two-semester master’s course can be taken after an eight-semester bachelor’s course has been completed. The focus here is on a comprehensive master’s thesis on an individual design topic.

The four-semester master’s course offers students conceptual project studies in the first two semesters; a study programme oriented towards individual focal areas can be assembled here from various elective choices. The course of study is completed by a master’s thesis that will visualise a complex concept.


The master’s courses are aimed at graduates with a bachelor’s or a ‘Diplom’ degree with an artistic/design emphasis. However, interested graduates of other disciplines who have relevant qualifications may also be admitted to a master’s course after taking the course-specific entrance test.


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Brief information

  • Subject-specific project
  • Development of individual profile
  • Work on the student’s own design projects or selection from a range of options
  • Supplemented by course elements in theoretical elements and art and design studies
  • Duration: Two, three or four semestersDegree awarded after one-semester master’s thesis

Standard duration of course

2 to 4 semesters, master’s thesis in last semester


There are no university fees


Information for course applicants