Workshop: Sound, Light, Climate, Movement. Understanding Space

Communication Design offers a workshop from 3rd to 6th June with Pauline Marchetti from Sensual City Studio, Paris. All Design and Art students are welcome. Registration until latest 24th May.

The workshop is the starting point of a process of developing DIFFERENT METHODS OF APPROACHING AND VISUALISING THE USE OF SPACE, PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL, OF THE BURG. The results of the workshop will be made public and put up for debate, feeding into a continous process of discussion in a variety of formats that will serve as the reference for the long-term development of an information and orientation system for the Burg.

The focus of the workshop is to explore the various facets of a MULTISENSORY APPROACH – introducing a sensitive and sensory dimension to the way ambiences and atmospheres are transcribed, conveying the quality of light and materials, constructing a project imaginary – enabling us to reveal architecture by CALLING UPON DIFFERENT SENSES AND DRAWING INSPIRATION FROM REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCES. How can we show what cannot be seen but only felt? Drawing inspiration from other disciplines – artistic creation, cinema, literature – the workshop will seek ways to conceive practical strategies for describing not just the visible but what is perceived and felt within a given space. As a starting point, three methods – employing fiction, a graphic vocabulary of emotions and a sensitive cartography – will be adopted to foster a critical emancipation of existing conformist representations of space, with the aim of bringing into existence the research object that is affective spatiality.

The project sets out to engage with the spatial setting of the university, in the form of its different campuses and the trajectories inbetween, as a place to create knowledge from, not about, taking those who dwell in it, less or more temporarily, as its creators, not receivers of knowledge. Who gives directions without asking? Do you ask for directions?

To participate in the workshop, please send an email to latest by Friday, 24th. Participation in the workshop requires a commitment to participate in the complete workshop and to participate in an preparatory skype-discussion with Pauline Marchetti on Monday 27th, 3.00pm.

Maximum number of particpants: 8-12

Start workshop: JUN 3, 12:00
End workshop: JUN 6, 12:00
Presentation: JUN 6, 13:00

Pauline Marchetti is a DPLG certified architect and a graduate of the Paris Belleville school of architecture. She led with Jacques Ferrier the French Pavilion project for the World Expo 2010 of Shanghai. In 2010, they both set up the Sensual City Studio which serves as a framework to develop and champion the concept of Sensual Cities. The Studio seeks to improve this sensitive, humanist approach to architecture and city scape. The physical relationship to space is fundamental to her practice. She is a Professor at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris since 2016.

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