General References in Studying

…my personal statement

Explorative Design

You cannot sit on a sketch, cannot store something in a rendering, cannot lie on a sectional drawing and a floor plan doesn’t cast a shadow…

 With “explorative design” I mean “sketching in 3D”, constructing, experiencing, changing, redefining concepts/approaches/attempts. The struggle with the factual, the improvement of the built takes us further and brings new perception. However the experiment always also implies try and error.

 Guided by the proverb: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

 What I think is important: a fleet-footed and cheerful design, playful brainstorming and the testing in reality. Doing instead of thinking, the motor function of the hand inspires the mind – that is the motto of all my design projects.

Casually formulated: Lift your ass! Leave your comfort zone! Storm the workshops! Enter the Media pools! Occupy the seminar rooms! Life is to short, to waste time in the cafeteria. Make more nonsense. Who never tries to fly, will never fall on their face (freely adapted from Laotse).

But to begin with it seriously now: You will probably never have so generously equipped workshops, as we have here in Halle. You will never again have the socially accepted freedom to try out something new. You will never again get so much support from the instructors, to find yourself by try and error.


Seize the opportunity! Begin!