First-semester Students

… but also for old hands – some advice


Studying takes time!

Spend one day a month in the library flicking through, reading and looking precisely at all the magazines! 

Alternatively: see above


Studying costs money!

Gift ideas for relatives: subscriptions. AIT, MD, Frame, DBZ, Detail, Designreport, Schöner Wohnen, Das Bad, Domus, Abitare, Form, Interni…

Alternatively: see above


For studying you need space!

Order standard catalogues they are encyclopaedias free of charge: Häfele, Hettich, Huwil – Forbo, Vorwerk, Fitkau – Egger, Abet, Schlucht…

Alternatively: see above


Studying means barely having a holiday!

Semester breaks are for work experience, no matter where, but at least 6 weeks. First of all you notice what is expected of you “outside” and what the benefits of the BURG are. Also work experience helps you a lot when starting a career: you already have some experience, established contacts or are maybe even offered a job.

Alternatively: none


Studying means doing!

You cannot study knowledge in our profession, you can only experience it. This means you have to do everything on your own. 

Also the mistakes!


Studying means overreaching oneself!

Taking part at every imaginable design competition! First of all, you have thousands of ideas anyways, for which there is no time at the BURG. And secondly there are always only very few good entries submitted. 


Studying means testing yourself!

He who hasn’t wanted to walk around with a bag on their head at least once in their time at the BURG, has missed out on something. He who doesn’t use the 5 years of freedom accepted by society for testing himself, misunderstood something. 

Make a fool of yourself!


Studying means testing us!

We are 4 professors with 4 different subject areas and 4 different approaches. You have at least 4 design semesters until completing your bachelor thesis. Do at least 3 out of 4. And also take a design course in a different subject area once. The big variety is one of the unique characteristics of the BURG.


Studying means sucking away!

The lecturers are already quite anaemic. You learn the most from fellow students, but only if you study together. Move to the BURG! Occupy seminar rooms! There are enough kitchens and Bathrooms!


Something trivial

A respectable email address. You will be in contact with companies faster than you might think. Being you are likely to face problems. Alike: doesn’t make it easier for us. So please:


Take your time!

G8, BA/MA, Pisa, Bologna – for some past time everything has to be done faster. Do not let the mindset of society rush you. 

Take your time! Nobody will chase you off the yard here!

Gain work experience, spend a semester abroad, travel the world… and do the BA when you feel mature enough. 

Keep in mind: after receiving the BA-certificate you are subject to social insurance contribution and the Bachelor is also a professional qualification. Hence, getting an internship will be more difficult at some companies.


And forget the grades!

We will hopefully at some point in time be able to get rid of them.

Here it is development not schooling.

You are not at high school anymore and we are not infallible...