is transition for sale?

sustainability consulting by design

Time is pressing. Not only the climate crisis is acute. It is no longer just a question of environmentally compatible materials and technologies. A sustainable future requires a fundamental rethink. A transformation. As quickly as possible. The focus of this semester project was not on products, but on manufacturing companies. They were not in the pillory, but in the limelight, because their impact and reach in terms of sustainability could hardly be greater. Furthermore, we are convinced that designers can decisively accompany and influence the transformation process of companies. We were able to win three remarkable and equally well-known companies, Magazin, Meissen and Mühle Shaving, to participate in this project. We analysed the greatest possible leverage points for sustainability, questioned customary structures and explored possibilities for a more sustainable and at the same time “productive” future from a design perspective – in harmony or in contradiction with the previous. We explored design as an intervention in companies – sustainability consulting by design.

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Karl Schikora
Andreas Wagner
cooperating companies:

Mühle Shaving
level:3rd year BA and Master