variable shelf-system

This shelf system represents an innovative approach to furniture development. In order to be truly sustainable, our furniture must be capable of adapting and reacting to changing environments. Producing the specific items from ecologically acceptable materials can only be the first step.
This shelf system complies with my strict guidelines for sustainable design. It is built without screws, will tolerate wear and tear nicely and can be repaired. It can easily be adjusted or expanded in any direction at any time. It consist of only four components. Its packaging will turn into shelves and is therefore part of the design as such.
My vision places the responsibility for the product with the producer: You can return the furniture in exchange for a deposit. The item will then be refurbished and resold. Thus, the shelving system will remain in circulation for a longer period and will not need to be recycled quickly. Once its time has come, its innocuous materials will facilitate responsible recycling.

student:Jacobo Cuesta Wolf
cooperating company:Magazin

many thanks to:

Philipp Witte
& Stephan Dornhofer
project:is transition for sale?