Foldable reusable packaging (for furniture)

What if Magazin took full responsibility for its products?

Responsibility should not end with the interests of employees, suppliers and customers. Rather, all actors who can significantly influence the lifespan of the products should be involved: couriers, customers who want to resell their magazine products on the second-hand market, or workshops that are supposed to repair a defective product. These actors make demands on the safe shipping of the products, or comfortable handling of the often bulky and heavy packages. MAG PACK is a reusable shipping packaging that is folded empty and sent to the owner who assembles it. Thanks to a deposit system, the packaging made of recycled polypropylene remains in Magazin’s possession and, after a corresponding number of circulations, counts as an ecological alternative to packaging made of corrugated cardboard. For parcel service providers, the packaging offers convenient carrying handles and a surprise when the parcel label is scanned.

student:Eric Geißler
cooperating company:Magazin

many thanks to:

Philipp Witte
& Stephan Dornhofer
project:is transition for sale?