„Metamorphose Meissen“ is an action plan for the sustainable transformation of Staatliche Porzellan Manufaktur Meissen GmbH. The starting point is the reaction to the natural gas crisis and the climate crisis. In the period of two months planned, a consistent attitude for sustainability has to be communicated and lived by shutting down the gas furnaces of the manufactory and changing the porcelain production to refining old porcelain. In addition, funding for a solar system is being sought and a network of supporters of metamorphosis is being established. Finally, Meissen is taking its role as initiator of cultural exchange into its own hands with the dinner event “Bring your own Meissen”. In the concept, Meissen thus actively assumes responsibility for sustainability on an ecological and social level and invites its customers to join in shaping the transformation to sustainable cultural craftsmanship.


The Meissen porcelain manufactory exports its European cultural assets worldwide and receives state funding. What if Meissen, in its role as a state-owned company, focused more on social sustainability and became an active initiator of cultural exchange locally? The dinner concept “Bring your own Meissen” takes up this ideas. With the dinner, Meissen brings people together and reshapes its cultural value. The oven hall of the manufactory – the object of discussion of the campaign “Metamorphosis Meissen” – becomes the meeting place for this critical and cultural exchange on current debates.

student:Johanna Eger
cooperating company:Meissen

many thanks to:

Lena Hensel, Beate Preuß,
Bianca Herbst & Dr. Tillmann Blaschke
project:is transition for sale?