practical analysis

The goal of the practical analysis was to pursue individual questions less analytically and more practically-experimentally. We decided to disassemble a container DS. Since the product is not made entirely of powdered steel parts, disassembly would be the first step to accomplish “closed-loop” recycling by an appropriate recycling company. This disassembly took just under half an hour. After the disassembly, we had a modular set and decided to create a new stowage furniture out of it. The container has attractive visible sides everywhere – much too bad to use them so little. We maximized the usable space. The shelf DS has 3 equal shelves and can be additionally extended by two bookends. 

Almost all parts of the container DS were thus combined into a new piece of furniture that can hold far more things.


Ying Guo,
Eric Geißler &
Jacobo Cuesta Wolf
cooperating company:Magazin

many thanks to:

Philipp Witte
& Stephan Dornhofer
project:is transition for sale?