practical analysis

Our practical analysis served to roughly determine the maximum useful life of a porcelain plate before the glaze wears off, i.e. it would be used up, and to raise questions about Meissen porcelain, the practice of storage, refining, and to what extent a porcelain dinnerware can be utilized up. A plate is clamped on a mechanical construction. A knife is moved back and forth over it. The drill, whose rotary motion is translated into a stroke motion, hums at low frequency. The metal pressed onto the plate produces an unpleasant squeaking sound. Both sounds repeat at one-second intervals. How much time must pass before the clamped plate has had as much or more cutlery contact than typical Meissner dinnerware, which is usually only brought out of the vitrine on festive occasions? What good is a decorated everyday object if it is not used?


Johanna Eger
& Raymond Francis Sandy
cooperating company:Meissen

many thanks to:

Lena Hensel, Beate Preuß,
Bianca Herbst & Dr. Tillmann Blaschke
project:is transition for sale?