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Design faculty

Bachelor’s courses are structured in a modular manner and divided into five module areas.

  • Design skills
    Subject-specific fundamentals, complex design
    Industrial Design, Interior Architecture, Communication Design, Multimedia|VR Design,
    Fashion Design
  • Skills in related areas
    Natural and technical sciences, presentation techniques
  • Design and artistic skills
    Fundamentals of visual art and advanced study of natural forms
  • Scientific skills
    Design studies, humanities and social sciences
  • Interdisciplinary, societal and market-related skills
    Economic subjects

Art faculty

The course elements in the Art faculty are organised as follows:

  • Painting/Graphics
  • Sculpture
  • Art Pedagogy/Art Education
  • Fundamentals of Visual Art
  • Art Studies (refer to Design faculty)

Module descriptions for Bachelor and Master courses

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Art faculty
Design faculty

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