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Glass facade design MEAG - Cover photo Glass facade design MEAG - Cover photo


Glass facade design
MEAG administration building

Moving Scent Box

The concept

Recordings of human brain activity also known as electroencephalograms (EEGs) were the main inspiration source for my proposal regarding the design of the eastern glass front for the MEAG adminstration building, which has a surface area of about 1300 sq.ft.

Applying different layers of EEGs to the glass surface results in a close network of graphs. So the pane itself becomes a mirror of thoughts and feelings. Each look at the outside world has to pass through. It's at the same time an invitation to a journey into one's inner self with all its facets.

The intermediate building as a link between two administration buildings of the regional power supplier MEAG is been passed through daily by hundreds of people. Their mental work and creative energy for the enterprise are transformed into an abstract image on the panes. The result is an unique experience sphere in an otherwise hardly considered passage space.

A sinusoidal curve overlays this picture carpet, passes through the entire glass facade and underlines with its clarity the function of the space. Two different worlds meet and communicate with each other both optically and mentally.

An uninterrupted stream of thoughts accompanies the visitor on its course through the building.

sketches & visualizations


About the client

The outline was developed in the context of an internal competition on behalf of the Central German power supplier MEAG held at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in spring 2000.

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