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Installation If The Cause Is Just... - Cover photo IInstallation If The Cause Is Just... - Cover photo



"If The Cause Is Just..."

Installation "If The Cause Is Just...", 1999

"If the cause is just, then the timing is secondary and this cause is just." (NATO spokesman Jamie Shea on May 12 1999 about the NATO policy in the Kosovo crisis). This note gave rise to develop the idea for the installation. It was part of a sequence of different events and projects, which were implemented successively by different artists in May 1999.

The installation took place in a former shop. Blown glass objects were placed in the empty shop windows of the business. The objects looked like projectiles at night when they were illuminated by the shop window lights. Additionally a clock ran in one window and showed the current time-of-day. Jamie Shea's quotation was sticked by means of transparent labels in letter-size on all panes. In the center of the likewise completely empty sales room an oversize chessboard was placed. Two small blue flashing lights were installed in administration rooms in the rear of the shop (one per room), which could be seen clearly at night. During the duration of the installation the business premises were not accessible.


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