Learning/Unlearning from Bauhaus

Andrea Tinnes and Pierre Pané-Farré with students in the design fundamentals program at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle.

The publication “Learning/Unlearning from Bauhaus” documents works by students created in the first semester of the typography class led by @andrea.tinnes and #PierrePanéFarré at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle (Germany) in 2018/2019.
With a variety of methodological and experimental assignments, students were challenged to question the traditional notions of a “historical/canonized” Bauhaus and to explore new typographic approaches. The students wrote their own manifestos addressing questions of contemporary digital typography, created visual compositions and word sculptures with geometric forms and typographic material, constructed modular letterforms and alphabets, developed participatory games and performances with words and letters, and finally wrote a collective manifesto for the art academy of the future.
“Learning/Unlearning from Bauhaus” should not be seen as a mere documentation, but rather as an attempt to reassemble the students’ works through an experimental printing process into unusual constellations and surprising chance encounters.
For the cover, the maculature sheets created in the printing process were deliberately recycled by using black ink to print the title information on the front and the design grid on the back of the sheets. The changing color and motif combinations lead to a multitude of variations, no two sheets are alike, making each cover of the entire edition unique.
“Learning/Unlearning from the Bauhaus” was produced in close collaboration with the print workshop at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle.
A total of 130 students participated in the individual formats. More than 3,000 individual works were created in the process.

Andrea Tinnes and Pierre Pané-Farré with the support of the rectorate of the university

Conzept and Design:
Andrea Tinnes and Pierre Pané-Farré
Manifetso texts: Students of the design department in the academic year 2018/19

Office of Public Relations, Andrea Tinnes and Pierre Pané-Farré

University Press of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

Printing Workshop Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

29,7 x 42 cm, 104 pages



18 Euro



Alessa Tamara Scivoli, Amelie Freiin von Hausen, Andreas Franz Schwab, Andreas Yakub Poda, Anna-Christina Zender, Anne Lange, Anna Skuratovski, Anton Grabolle, Ayla Mammadova, Benjamin Neubauer, Bianca Maria Poppe, Chaewon Song, Carlotta Huck, Christiane A. Wöhrmann, Daniel Grahl, David Babka, David Stach, Dayeon Auh, Esben Terje Sonne, Fanny Maria Liebhardt, Felix Cordes, Felix Schipp, Florentine Friederike Bahls, Franziska Hofmann, Frieda-Marie Knödler, Friedrich Wördehoff, Gege Ji, Georg Stahlbock, Greta Louise Ruppert, Hannah Josefine Köchy, Hannah Mühlbach, Hannes Koch, Helene Otto, Hermann Klöpper, Hyelim Kim, Ina Gercke, Isabell Bilfinger Unzueta, Isabelle Caroline Selwat, Jakob Samuel Trepel, Janine Harnisch, Jannis Steen Scheerbarth, Jisu Park, Joaquim Pontes Branco, Johann Kogge, Johanna Schmidtke, Johannes Schellenberg, Jonas Frederik Otto, Jonas Heimann, Josephine Antonia Kraus, Jule Eretier, Julia Mill, Julius Herzog, Justus Büchner, Kang Sang Hee, Karen Czock, Karl Anton Schinkel, Katharina Michnik, Katja Undeutsch, Kim Felix Cordes, Kristin Belzer, Lara Elena Herrmann, Laura Fischinger, Laura Klingele, Leah Frey, Leah Messerschmidt, Lena Eichhorn, Lena Endner, Lena Hasler, Lena Schliemann, Lilian Walters, Lisa Linz, Lisa Schwalbe, Lore Elstermann, Lorenz Bohlmann, Loris Stephan, Lotte Büdel, Louis Möckel, Louis Rohmer, Luc Sohrmann, Lucia Isabel Bösl Herranz, Lucie Weiße, Ludwig Fehn, Luka Löhner, Luis Emilio Braun, Magdalena Meißner, Marc Goldbach, Maria Plasczymonka, Marie-Lena Standhaft, Marie-Sophie Runge, Mateja Huff, Matilde Felix, Max Greiner, Maximilian Pflugk, Melanie Hauffe, Michelle Cerny, Miriam Hantzko, Moritz Neuland, Nadine Begenat, Nadine Härting, Nadja Schulze, Nanette Henschke, Nikola Haupt, Nils Krüger, Ole Peters, Paul Werner, Paula Maria Holzhauser, Paula Ködding, Paula Maria Rieß, Pepe Nitz, Philip Fladung, Pia Nele Eggers, Robert Walther, Ruth Löwenstein, Sae Kaneko, Salima Jalala, Sandra Mendez, Sang Hee Kang, Sarah Mende, Sayoon Yang, So Jin Park, Sophia Reichmann, Sophie-Charlotte Bolinski, Thea Brandauer, Theresa Güldenberg, Victoria Woywodt, Vincent Aubin, Vincent Leicht, Wiebke Lendewig, Zoe Haufler