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International Students


There are several good reasons for studying at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design. Our offer comprises 20 different courses of study within the fields of art and design in the old town of Halle (Saale). All courses are held in german language - this ist why the language skills have to be proven before starting to study. Still english language is very present on the campus, as we have a great mixture of international students, teachers and guests. To get an impression just click through the projects on our image wall.   

Application for International Students

Applicants from abroad should register online for the aptitude test by 11th March. German or English translations of certificates/school reports are to be brought to the aptitude test.

Important for international applicants: from now on, there will be two prerequisites for an important application: first, the online registration on our website and second the preliminary review documentation through the agency “uni-assist”:

For the second, please apply at uni-assist with your school-leaving certificates (university entrance qualification). The agency does evaluate your documents and create a certificate about your university entrance qualification, i.e. whether it is valid to enter studies at a German university. That certificate is the so-called preliminary review documentation. Please bring it on the day of your suitability test with in addition to the rest of your documents. You must hand in all documents personally on that day.

Please mind that there might appear alterations in the process of our admission test caused by the current COVID19 pandemic. If the admission test will be carried out in a digital format, please do upload the document issued by uni-assist in conjunction with all other requested documents and files to our online platform.

Please do also hand in the certificate of your preliminary review documentation (uni-assist) containing a negative result, i.e. your school-leaving certificate does not meet the requirements to enter a German university. If you can prove an exceptional artistic aptitute you may still be able to enroll. 


We strongly recommend that you take the test only if you have sufficient language skills. Even if the aptitude test is passed, applicants will only be admitted to courses if they can provide evidence of German-language skills in the form of:

  • DSH (Level 2)


  • TestDaF (at least Level 4 in all test parts)


More information here [...]

Save the Dates

11 January 2024

Study Information Day

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Bachelor, Diploma, Stste examination in winter semester 2024/25

1st December 2023 to 11th March 2024
Online registration for the entrance examination Bachelor.

1st December 2023 to 26th February 2024
Online registration for the entrance examination Diplom and Staatsexamen.
The applicant portal will be activated on December 1st, 2023.

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Master programs in winter semester 2024/25

April to May 2024  
Online registration for all master programs for internal applicants. External applicants can apply for most master programs, except Interior Architecture M.A. and Furniture and Interior Design M.A. (only for summer semester)
The applicant portal will be activated in April 2024.

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Master programs in summer semester 2024

Ocotber 1st 2023 until 15th November 2023
Online application for all master programs for internal students (external students can only apply for Multimedia Design M.A. , Interior Architecture M.A. and Furniture and Interior Design M.A.) The applicant portal will be activated at the beginning of October.

More information

FAQ for master application. 

FAQ for Bachelor, Diploma, State examination application.

May 2024

Buddy Day (register here)






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