M.A. in Design Studies

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Application deadlines

The closing date for online registration for application for the master’s course is 15 May for the following winter semester. It starts 1st of April.

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Design Studies M.A.

Design Studies cover the study of the produced and the artificial, and of the manufacture, perception and effect of artefacts. They consider the theoretical and practical framework conditions of planning, designing and forming – and the consequences of these conditions. Within the Design faculty and in the context of design training, the disciplines of History of Design and Architecture, Design Theory and Psychology of Design make up the Design Studies department. Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Philosophy represent additional training course elements that form part of the teaching of theoretical design fundamentals.

This course in Design Studies – which is unique up to now in Germany – is aimed at graduates who already have a first degree and who wish specialise further in their chosen discipline by engaging in additional area-specific study. Prospective candidates who already have an academic or design/practical qualification may apply.