geogenic shapes and sandy excusions

What kind of ground are we standing on?

We went on sandy excursions and created temporary geogenic forms – to find some answers to this question. The project was divided into 3 sessions that addressed this task with different methods and focus.
In Session #1 we examined anthropogenic extraction and deposition in relation to their use in everyday life. For this purpose, we used the question: How much and what kind of soil is directly or indirectly involved in this video conference? The results visualise on the one hand information contained (in)directly in a life cycle assessment and make it accessible to everyone. On the other hand, they also establish new references that can form the basis for a design concept.
In Session #2 we investigated the soils and mineral resources of the region. Based on the research and exploration of temporary structures and constructions, we experimented with compositions, constructions and surfaces and tested effects, (in)stabilities and modularities.
In Session #3, the task was to translate the site visits and experiments into concepts of temporary objects/structures – inspired by the material’s place of origin. This design exercise raises questions about our use of soil (as a resource, as a place of return, as a dump, as a living system, as our environment…). It likewise questions the design of the durable, of objects that far outlive their period of use.

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Karl Schikora
Fabian Hütter
level:2nd year BA