11.05.2021 – lecture by Andreas Wagner

Andreas Wagner, industrial designer and part of the BurgMaterial team, has graduated at the BURG on the topic of metastability.
He gave a great insight into his design research on structures and constructions that dissassemble after a while or are designed to be dissembled by us or other circumstances. He explained different principles, gave numerous examples from other designers, architects and everyday observations.
He says: “A metastable design, which is based on the possibility of the decay of designed things, proposes options for how we might confront anthropocene issues on a material level. It questions the conventional division into stable and unstable structures. Through the smallest possible interventions in different connecting structures, the objects shown disintegrate into the parts they are made of.”



In preparation for the second session, the task was to research temporary structures (natural, designed, intentional, unintentional, technological, material, structural, etc.) and present them as a Pecha Kucha.
The presentations gave a vast overview on different temporary aspects and possibilities to ‘construct’ them as such.

Thanks to Andreas Wagner
from BurgMaterial