Plates from earth materials as a guidance system to the next open air festival

Follow me! is a guidance system using slabs of earth from the desired venue with casein as a binder. The materials decompose naturally and find their way back to their place of origin. Depending on the occurrence at the desired location, colour combinations and patterns (e.g. logo) can be considered in the design of the plates.

video of Lucia’s presentation
student:Lucia Gallo
project:(con)temporary crust

white, yellow, black and brown earths, casein
Method of manufacturing:

Positive mould with relief, negative silicone mould, pouring the earth materials, dry, unmould

Temporal aspect:

the guidance system exists as long as the festival and then disappears without a trace

full concept text

At open airs or festivals, spray paint or other unnatural materials are often used to mark the way to the venue. These are sometimes difficult to remove or are forgotten and consequently chemicals remain in nature. In the context of the project (con)temporary crust I have developed Follow me!, a guidance system, which naturally degrades after use at an event and decomposes into its original materials. So the way to an outdoor event can be marked in a environmentally friendly way. For this purpose, I have produced plates with local earth materials, provided them with the desired logo of the organizers and marked the way to their open air event.