The sphere made of materials that exist from the past

The spheres present information about the past as a kind of scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. The materials of the sphere come from the local site where many stories have taken place. In the centre of the sphere is an enclosed note that tells stories of the local past. It can be said that this is a sphere of the past.

video of Chenghan’s presentation
student:Chenghan Yuan
project:(con)temporary crust
Location of inspiration:The Pulverweiden

Local sand and casein
Method of manufacturing:

The materials are mixed with water and casein and then poured into a silicone mould. When the material is completely dry, half of the sphere can be removed from the mould, then two halves are glued together with casein only, so that a complete sphere is ready.
Temporal aspect:

The spheres are found by visitors of the Pulverweiden and consciously or unconsciously broken open. The remains disappear in a few days due to the biological degradation of the casein.