Monitor Life and Resources—How many resources does a person need for all their screens in the course of their life?

According to the literature “Computers at Work”, the normal life expectancy of a monitor is 5 years and the average life expectancy of people in Germany is 80 years. From this it can be deduced that a person will need 13 monitors in their lifetime.

for one screenfor 13 screens
Coal106 MJ1378 MJ
Crude oil155 MJ2015 MJ
Natural gas274 MJ3562 MJ
Uranium ore106 MJ1378 MJ
Iron0,0122 kg0,1586 kg
Tin0,000578 kg0,007541 kg
Copper ore1,92 kg24,96 kg
Limestone0,0835 kg1,0855 kg
Dolomite0,00363 kg0,04719 kg
Phosphate0,0383 kg0,4979 kg
NaCl-2,01 kg-26,13 kg
Bauxite0,0128 kg0,1664 kg
Other76,8 kg998,4 kg
Wood0,882 kg11,466 kg
Water540 kg7020 kg
Mercury0,000007 kg0,000091 kg


student:Chenghan Yuan
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