the volume of…—How many raw materials are needed to produce an LCD display?

Many different raw materials are used directly or indirectly in the manufacture of an LCD display. All of them in the display we are looking at are illustrated as volumes in this animation. Based on data from Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) on display modules, based on a study by the German Federal Environmental Agency (1), the resource consumption is shown as shown in the video, including indirectly used resources and upstream chains. By calculating the volume of each resource, I was able to display the resources in the video and sort them by size. (2,3,4)

Coal: 3.61672 kg
Crude oil: 3.7014 kg
Natural gas: 5.6 kg
Uranium ore: 0.000212 kg
Iron: 0.0122 kg
Tin: 0.000578 kg
Copper ore: 1.92 kg
Limestone: 0.00363 kg
Dolomite: 0.00363 kg
Phosphate: 0.0383 kg
NaCl: -2.01 kg
Bauxite: 0.0128 kg
Other: 76.8 kg
Wood: 0.882 kg
Water: 540 kg
Mercury: 0.000007 kg

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student:Seong Heum Na
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