10.04.2021 – Workshop

Originally, a workshop was planned on site. We wanted to explore together whether and how it is possible to process local soil materials in different serial technologies. The aim was to get to know different technologies such as extrusion and compression moulding, including mould making in general, and to explore the soil materials in a new way. Unfortunately, the workshop could not take place on site at the university due to corona. Therefore, we adapted the technologies for the kitchen and packed packages (again): one package for compression moulding with plaster negative moulds and one package for extrusion with a meat grinder.
In a detailed presentation Fabian explained first steps to press and extrude first geometries with local soil materials (and casein). The next step was to explore the forming processes themselves with one’ s own materials and also to start thinking about temporary structures.

Protein Binders
lecture by Matthias Jacob

Matthias Jacob, researcher at the Martin Luther University specialized in proteins, gave a short introdution to proteins as binders – especially casein.
He has researched protein as a binder for wood chips in order to realize more sustainable chip boards, that do not need formaldehyde and that are recycble by using enzymes.
Also he successfully used casein to bind sand for casting metal. We invited him since protein could be one interesting tool to bind soil materials in a temporary way.

Thanks to Matthias Jacob
from Martin Luther University