QR-code tiles as barrier at the lakeshore Hufeisensee

The installation object “Menschenwerk” is located on the shore of the horseshoe lake.A row of big tiles is placed, just at the water’s limit. Their colourfulness and patterns automatically draw the eye towards the floor. Uniform QR codes are recognizable.
They form a barrier on several levels. Visually, not to be overlooked, they seem unnatural in the reed landscape; as well as mentally, by scanning the codes a meta-level comes to meaning, a web page opens and reminds after a warning, of the origin of the lake and risks, which are connected with swimming in it.

video of Maëlle’s presentation
student:Maëlle Ludwig
project:(con)temporary crust
Location of inspiration:Hufeisensee, Halle


sand (instead of clay), brown coal
Method of manufacturing:

Compression moulding: A lasered QR code mould was deep-drawn, which then served as a mould tool for the earth-casein mixture.
Temporal aspect:

The QR code will weather until it is possible to swim in the lake again.