a copper a day—How long could the copper contained in the display cover the copper needs of an adult?

A human being needs 1.5 mg of copper per day. 1
A screen contains 15 g of copper in total. 2
Divided into portions, that lasts for 12,000 days. Or 1,714 weeks. Or 30 years.
The animation shows all the copper of a screen distributed in portion size, shows 1,200 blisters with 10 tablets, shows what the amount of copper in a laptop screen means to one of us.

1 Schmidt, J (2010): Bedeutung von Kupfer und Kupfermangel. Risiken der Überdosierung von Kupfer. https://www.gf-biofaktoren.de/fileadmin/gfbiofaktoren/fachthemen/Bedeutung-von-Kupfer-und- Kupfermangel.pdf
2 Schaffung einer Datenbasis zur Ermittlung ökologischer Wirkungen der Produkte der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik (IKT), Umweltbundesamt, UBA-FB 001788

student:Judith Burgard
project:(con)temporary crust