Janet Cardiff. The Walk Book.

Künstlerbuch zusammen mit der Künstlerin Janet Cardiff

Köln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König 2005, 344 Seiten, ISBN: 3-88375-824-8


Rezension von George Rand, Professor an der UCLA:

An amazingly engaging art book, almost a new form of writing in which the artist's work and her words and process diagrams are interlaced with adroitly framed essays on the background of her works, philosophical thoughts, discourses, side-journeys, mental experiments about the meaning of time and memory, explorations into listening and sound. Mirjam Schaub explains Cardiff's ephemeral walking pieces in a manner that is deeply sympathetic with her themes and the significance of Cardiff's voice. Each page rings with poetic truth and Schaub is selfless in presenting Cardiff's ouvre.