THE BOILING PURPLE - Communicating awareness of ultraviolet radiation through textiles

SoSe 2023 M.A. Shani Nahum

The Current UV Index and Recommended Actions.
Textile size: Length 1200 mm, Width 1400 mm,

Material: Cotton, Econyl, SUNKOLOR sensitive label
Photo credits: Denis Herzog

The practical master's thesis, 'The Boiling Purple' delves into the health risks posed by
ultraviolet radiation, utilizing data from the Deutsche Wetterdienst to emphasize the
urgency of raising awareness about this issue, making it the project's primary goal.
I chose to convey my message effectively by designing a daily object that encourages
interaction with the user. I expressed this concept through statistical analysis, literature
review, and expert discussions, aiming for a balanced result that values scientific
accuracy, circularity, and aesthetics to inform my product idea.
'The Boiling Purple' is a collection of five beach towels studying ultraviolet radiation's
influence on the present, past, and future. These designs harmoniously blend materials,
colors, and graphics, incorporating Econyl, recycled nylon, and Sunkolor, which changes

to purple under high UV exposure. The UV index inspires color choices, and a sun-
inspired circular element shapes the graphics. The integration of scientific data into

woven textiles enhances their sensory and haptic value, expanding their information
This work focuses on how rapid climate change demands new daily-life design solutions
that highlight ongoing environmental and human changes. The prototypes in this thesis
lay a strong foundation for further product development, fostering ongoing research in
weaving techniques and material selection for various uses.