Big Bamboo Flashback

Visual summary (29 photos + one video) of last week's workshop with Dutch bamboo artist Antoon Versteegde.

Green courtyard

With contributions by (in random order): Henry Veit Bach, Alexander Roschke, Stefan Damnig, Christoph Born, Gao Su, Julius Luge, Bianka Mieskes, Leonie Krieger, Annette Fauvel, Alessa Brossmer, Johanna Padge, Christian Müller, Olga Bernicke, Walter Precht, Jakob Klug, Oliver Reinecke, Michael Krenz, Paula Raché, Aart van Bezooyen, and kind support by several volunteers.

Most bamboo sculptures are still on show - another good reason to cross the Burgstrasse from time to time...