The Art and Science of Biomimetics

Am Dienstag, dem 14. Januar 2014, um 18 Uhr, spricht Dr. Filipe Natalio im Rahmen des Jour Fixe über „The Art and Science of Biomimetics“. This lecture is English spoken and takes place in Villa, Neuwerk 7, Raum 103/104.

Jour Fixe - The Art and Science of Biomimetics by Dr. Filipe Natalio

Jour Fixe - The Art and Science of Biomimetics by Dr. Filipe Natalio

Dr. Filipe Natalio (34) is a creative chemist from Portugal who lives and works in Halle since 2012. Dr. Natalio is leading a research group at the Martin-Luther-University (MLU) focused on understanding nature, so called »Biomimetics«.

Biomimetics is an old concept that lays down an human intention to understand and incorporate nature into his nature. Today’s items such as gecko adhesive pads, sharkskin paints, and superhydrophobic (lotus) surfaces are only the beginning. Exploring nature goes beyond pure aesthetics and can provide sustainable solutions for food shortages, energy demands, environmental pollution, overpopulation, and other major issues which are defining our future. Dr. Natalio is exploring new and unknown biological systems to develop bio-inspired solutions through multidisciplinary collaboration – including an important role for nature minded artists and designers.

„Die Veranstaltung ist hochschulöffentlich. Gäste sind willkommen!“

Note: This lecture is followed by an art/science workshop titled „Exploring Future Materials (Pilot Project)“ on Tuesday 25.2.2014 in the Laboratories of the Chemistry Department (more information and applications please visit Wintersession 2014).