SPRINT: Babyboard

Versatile Fun for Growing Children

Products often accumulate during the first years of life and quickly become superfluous when children outgrow them. To counteract this problem and extend their useful life, we have developed the Babyboard.
The Babyboard can be used as a baby swing during the first 12 months. The EPP material offers insulation, lightness and soundproofing – perfect properties for gently rocking to sleep. It can then be used as a balance board / sports equipment. Not only the kids but also the parents can improve their motor skills and engage in sporting activities.

We used the durable steel frame of this school chair as the basis for our design by replacing worn-out wooden backrests and seats with comfortable EPP moulded parts that can be used in a variety of ways. Children can remove the seats and sit wobbling close to the floor or convert the backrest into a small table. The chair therefore not only serves different learning situations, but also encourages active sitting. Our chairs are also resistant to rain and UV radiation, which makes outdoor learning possible.


Mia Henning &
Franz Kauffmann
project:precious particle