SPRINT: Suction_Pack_Object

Packaging once new

“Suction_Pack_Object” is packaging with ETPU, film and vacuum. Users can convert the packaging directly into a new object and reuse it. The process of transforming packaging into an object can be used as often as required. The system for this product is based on a closed-loop system and is as follows: Our company Namjunau produces and processes packaging and sells it to companies that need it. The packaging is sent together to consumers who have purchased products from this company. The end consumers do not throw away the packaging they receive, but create a new object according to the assembly instructions provided. When moving or when packaging is needed, this can be reversed and the original packaging form can be reused. If the packaging is no longer needed, a new object can be molded for a new, individual application.


Merle Nau &
Namju Kim
project:precious particle