Sprint 2: Take a seat!

After gaining lots of impressions on excursions and in workshops, we started our first design exercises in week 1 of the semester.
In teams of two, the task was to draw ten quick designs on a topic in five minutes each.
The more detailed description of the sprint was as follows:
“Design an object to sit on out of particle foam: tease out the voluminous shapes, lightness and variety of possible surfaces.”
Many interesting and diverse ideas emerged in these 50 minutes. The task now was for the existing groups to take one of the designs and develop it further.
The chosen design was then to be implemented in the cooking pot or on the Styrocutter over the following two weeks. Our first realized objects were created using a wide variety of approaches. The first material experiments were foamed in the pressure cooker, for example. Sometimes more, sometimes less successful. Nevertheless, important information could be gleaned from all the samples. At the end of the sprint, all designs and processes were presented to the group. With the newly acquired knowledge, the next sprint began.

03.04.2023 –
text by:David Bühler