Sprint 3: Add on! Lift up!

After completing the previous two sprints, new sprint topics were worked on in various group constellations within two weeks. One of these sprints, entitled “ADD ON! LIFT UP!” included the task of using particle foam to improve a given situation. As in the previous sprints, we were asked to develop quick ideas. The specific task was:
“Transform existing (disused) objects by selectively refoaming them with particle foam, giving them a new life and a new function. Transform semi-finished products or situations/objects in (public) spaces functionally and aesthetically using particle foam.”
During the joint evaluation of the previously developed ideas, sketchy visualizations of various objects were presented, which were surrounded by particle foam. These included bench backs, prostheses, repaired shoes, stair attachments, luggage carrier saddles, bicycle saddles, mattress springs, brass knuckles, mirror frames, chair cushions and backrests, moldable harnesses, equipment protection, swimming rings, edge protectors, shoe sole attachments, shoe socks, vacuum cleaner parts, cutlery holders for tablets, lamps, seat backs for poles in means of transport and bicycle stands, bollard attachments, headphone padding, impact padding for vehicles and much more.
Each team decided on an idea and tried to implement it as far as possible using a Styrocutter or a self-made mold in a pressure cooker. The material implementation was accompanied by considerations about the concept, feasibility, choice of materials and theoretical design.

24.04.2023 –
text by:Hannah Tuchel