Sprint 1: Take me along!

“Design an object for transportation: a bicycle box, a backpack, a handbag, a travel case, a lifebuoy… Explore the heat-insulating, lightweight, shock-absorbing and aesthetic properties as well as the possibilities of integrating functions and components.”
Sprint 1 was about quickly developing ideas in teams of two and recording them in sketches. Each design was given five minutes and a total of 10 concepts were to be sketched and then presented. The task was to transport or move objects using particle foam and its properties.
After collecting the various ideas and presenting them to the whole group, all teams of two decided on a design, which was then worked on in more detail. In the following two weeks, the ideas were implemented as models using a styro cutter and a pressure cooker. As these methods were new to most of them, the results were often not as expected. However, by collecting, documenting and discussing the results and working methods together, all members of the group were able to learn a lot from each other and for future projects.

03.04.2023 –
text by:Janina Gastauer