Talk: Stephan Schenk from Stapelstein

As part of our semester project “Precious Particle”, Stephan Schenk introduced us to his idea of stacking stones and his resulting company.
Stapelsteine are semicircular “stones” made of EPP (expanded polypropylene) that are about 30 cm tall and can be stacked as high as you like. He explained the individual steps of his development and the decisions that led him to his current product. We were extremely curious to find out exactly how the stacking blocks are produced and how the particle foam material was used to create the right shape and surface.
What made this presentation special was Stephan Schenk’s relaxed manner and the openness with which he answered all our questions. Even after the presentation, we had a nice chat with him when we had a barbecue together on the university terrace afterwards and let the evening draw to a relaxed close.

text by:Emilia Manon Imberger