Sprint 4: Close the circle!

“Empower a specific target group to actively recycle through your designs. Design an object and its cycle. Design a recycling situation that is low-threshold and requires no political effort.”
Sprint four of the methodical design exercise “precious particle” continued with this task. The students, each in teams of two, developed ideas in several quick 5-minute rounds, which were discussed and presented in the group at the end.
This resulted in some exciting concepts: A jacket filled with shredded EPP/EPS. A textile with TPU can be used for the outer shell. The properties of the material make the jacket insulating, water-repellent and lightweight. A vacuum system that could serve as an alternative packaging. Foil bags filled with ETPU/EPP and a vacuum seal for vacuum cleaners form quickly and stably around objects, can therefore protect them well for transportation and can also be formed into their own objects in a further cycle. Rescue buoys filled with old EPP/EPS/ETPU packaging and covered with a net. Many ideas for edge protection, padding and impact-resistant objects for children were also developed…
In the following days, each team of two worked on one of the many ideas and developed them into a conceptual, illustrative and partly functional prototype.

24.04.2023 –
text by:Merle Nau