SPRINT: Packing the Arctic

Stopping the ice melt

Current forecasts assume that the Arctic will be ice-free by the summer of 2035. That is almost exactly 12 years from now. This will have devastating consequences for the Earth’s climate and endanger the lives of all the organisms that inhabit it. But is there a way to stop the melting of the poles and counteract climate change? We addressed this question by playing out an absurd scenario: lining the entire North Pole with EPP.
This idea required us to examine data from a wide range of subject areas: the North Pole as a geozone, particle foams and the logistics of such a mammoth project. Always with the idea of trying to make the helplessness visible and confront it, how we can grasp the extent of the acute threat of climate change. And to make this tangible in the form of our confrontation.


Hannah Tuchel &
Emilia Imberger
project:precious particle