Excursion: BASF

On the second day of the excursion, we were guests at BASF in Ludwigshafen. We were welcomed at the BASF Creation Center. This is where customers are normally advised and supported. We were given an insight into BASF’s various products, but the focus for us was on particle foams and the product “Infinergy” (ETPU). The technical side of particle foams was explained to us, as well as the challenges and achievements.

Next, we were given a tour of the BASF site – an area of around ten square kilometers. We were driven around the site in a coach. We saw the indigo factory, where dye for jeans is produced, the steam crackers 1 and 2, which use thermal cracking to convert long-chain hydrocarbons into short-chain hydrocarbons using steam.
The most impressive thing about this factory site is that it is a landscape of steel and concrete: 2850 km of pipes are laid on the site and 230 km of rails.

thanks to:

BASF Creation Center
Andreas Mägerlein, Eva Hoefli,
Tim Diehlmann,
Manuel Ockel & Jan Kössler
text by:Janusz Elmi Sarabi