Preparation homework

Research before the start of the course

The students’ task before the start of the semester was to research a specific, self-chosen location, a situation such as a fish market, a pharmacy or a snack bar, where particle foams are used.
The students observed the location and documented the impressions that the particle foam left behind at the various moments of use. Various people were specifically questioned – not only about the particle foam product, but also about the situation, everyday life, the process and the context in general.
The particle foam was analyzed in the situations and in the products:
What advantages does it bring there? What special features does the particle foam bring to the product? What alternatives are/were there?
Why is it used? How conscious is the use of the material in this case? What problems does it (possibly) cause? What questions does it raise?
The handling of the product and the material was examined – throughout the entire use and disposal phase. The origin and routes of the specific product were also recorded: What delivery routes, production locations, intermediaries, intermediate processing steps did it go through? What happens to the product when it has reached the end of its useful life?
The relevant finds from the location were brought along and discussed.
Finally, all these visible, invisible, relevant and irrelevant aspects were filmed and presented in a 3-minute video.

project:precious particle