@Students: FAQ XLab

Who can use XLab?

XLab is open to students and associates in all faculties. They must observe the opening hours or office hours and register in advance with the associates in the lab.

What prerequisites are there for access to XLab?

To be able to work in XLab, students must first be onboarded. The onboarding information is provided at the beginning of the first semester and refreshed every year.

It provides students with information on the aims of the lab, methods and fields of work, and fundamental knowledge of AI and robotics. For certain devices such as the robot arms, additional instruction is required.

How can I contact XLab?

Contact with XLab is made during office hours, in which associates answer questions and advise students on their projects. Please make an appointment via email in advance.

Where can I find basic information on AI and robotics as fields of research?

In every semester break, we hold the following getting started workshops as an introduction to working in XLab:

  • Creative applications of artificial intelligence (No coding required!): What does AI really mean? How can AI be applied in art and design? How can I work with AI myself (without having to code)?
  • Marvellous Machines: Introduction to robotics and their use in art and design

We recommend subscribing to the XLab newsletter as a way of staying up to date when it comes to current projects, publications, dates, etc. from the fields of AI and robotics.

Do I have to know programming to be able to work in XLab?

To become active in XLab, students do not have to be able to write code. Technical affinity and willingness to examine the modes of action and possible issues in each field are welcome.