Experimental Game AG sucht Artist 2D/3D - Character & Environment (x/f/m)

in Halle (Saale)

Multimedia|VR-Design, Spiel- und Lerndesign, Grafik (Kunst)


ab 01.08.2019


Fixed term contract for 1 year

Create artwork implementing the visual style for My Love and other projects created at Gamebook Studio and with Gamebook Technology. The spectrum ranges from a stylized comic look (see our most recent release My Love: Make Your Choice!) up to more abstract or realistic art in our e-learning projects.

Collaborate closely with our writers room on the vision for characters and backgrounds: develop an artistic vision based on author input for characters, backgrounds and story, discuss and implement feedback.

Be an active and contributing member in an international team of artists at our two company locations in Berlin and Halle.

Live and - together with your colleagues - improve our art pipeline and art production processes for episodic content that is linked with Gamebook Technology. As with Gamebook we're navigating uncharted territory, it's one more chance to leave your mark and rethink how interactive content can be made.

Work along the project art schedule for our internal and external serial productions in Gamebook

You have a degree in graphic design, illustration, game art/design or related field.

You have 1-2 years of experience in the games industry. If you’ve worked in animation or did jobs in advertising, that's definitely a plus. But at the end of the day, we need you to be familiar with what's required for interactive content.

You bring an excellent understanding in 2D design with a focus on mobile products. Experience with 3D design and UI design is a plus.

You’re prepared to work as part of our art team in Halle including regular travel to our second company location in Berlin (roughly 1 hr train ride).

You have an excellent grasp of the technology used for the creation of art assets: You know your way around Photoshop and Illustrator. If the situation requires it, you're able to create or edit 3D assets with tools like 3D Studio MAX, Blender or Maya.

We're looking for someone who enhances our team with a high level of originality, creativity and the ambition to cover a wide range of styles and be experimental when necessary.

You’re a driver of internal and external development of visual content and a comfortable communicator with a variety of people.

A tool that’s developed for and with story creators and story lovers from all over the world

A growing number of projects from different genres and games to explore in the future

A diverse team with experience from a wide field of industries. Heck! Switch Reloaded meets Astronomy PhD

A family friendly and flexible work environment that gives everyone the opportunity to improve internal as well as external processes. We strive to be flexible and agile, and we're looking forward to y

Über uns:

At Gamebook storytelling is our business – and our passion. Our vision is to provide a digital storytelling ecosystem empowering everybody to tell their stories. Our mission is to provide the knowledge and the network along with a toolset that is easy to use and comprehensive at the same time.

We achieve these goals by thinking out of the box and combining our web-based software with agile networks where we bring IT developers, producers, game designers, artists and authors together in way nobody ever imagined – all in one place. Since our foundation in 2010, this idea has driven us and our team has been continuously growing ever since.

Are you ready to join your story with ours?

It doesnt work completely without formalities.

When sending your online application, please attach your CV and motivation letter. Also let us know your starting date and expected salary. Citizens of countries outside the European Trade Union please send, if applicable, your residence / work permit.

This position requires a valid work permit for Germany.

Katharina Rullen



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Der Career Service der Hochschule unterstützt Sie gerne bei Ihren Bewerbungen: Beratungstermine