Type and Typography

Prof. Andrea Tinnes, Design Campus, Villa Annex, Room 104
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Type and Typography

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Type and Typography


Prof. Andrea Tinnes
Anja Kaiser

A playful and methodical introduction with a lot of practice in basic craft and experimental skills gives students their first encounter with typographic design and the central question: ‘What is typography and what can it do?’ All the main aspects of micro-typography and macro-typography are investigated by teaching the aesthetic and technical fundamentals based on elementary and application-related tasks. In the area of lettering, the basics of character and font design will be taught, including investigations of form both on surfaces and in three-dimensional space, combined with visual design strategies. Accompanying presentations and lectures provide a comprehensive overview of historical and contemporary developments in both areas.

Students will acquire basic formal-aesthetic and technical skills, as well as the ability to carry out intensive design work. In addition, they will develop an ability to make judgements on design issues, will investigate typographic stylistic tools in the area of visual rhetoric, and will develop a sense of form and proportion, their own individual form repertoire and also their visual implementation skills. The focal point of this training is intensive work on and consideration of lettering and typography in all application forms with the goal of encouraging enthusiastic and intelligent use of letterings and teaching all of the possibilities of typographical expression.