B.A. in Fashion Design

Bachelor's course with two disciplines

Bachelor’s courses


Creative designers with their own trademark approach

The educational profile at Burg Giebichenstein offers almost ideal conditions for an artistically oriented study of fashion and textile design. The combination of the areas of fine and applied arts, contacts to a wide range of teaching staff and the opportunity to use a number of workshops creates an excellent basis for a broad but nonetheless specialised design education. The wide range of humanities and discipline-specific course elements also encourages students to consider broader aesthetic and socio-cultural issues. A deliberate approach to elementary artistic and craft methods is at the core of the subject-specific study of the fundamentals. Sensibility for form, colour and materials will be trained and developed in free practical exercises in design. The teaching of various approaches nurtures students’ confidence in developing conceptual designs and implementing these.

The aim of this course of study is to train creative fashion and textile designers with their own trademark artistic approaches. They should be able to combine individuality, craft quality, an awareness of problems and technical skill in their innovative concepts. In addition, they should be able to harness their own potential in teams and also be capable of working independently in a responsible manner.