The ‘Konsum’ student-run café

Campus Design, Neuwerk 7, 06108 Halle
Mon – Fri, 12 noon – 9 p.m. during semester time

A creative time-out and more

This is the place to run into people, to meet friends, to enjoy yourself! The ‘Konsum’ – as it is affectionately known – on the Design Campus at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle has long become a cult favourite. It seems to hold a magical attraction for those looking for a creative time-out: for students, teaching staff, other employees and of course for visitors to the university too.

The small, bright room with windows on three sides is a great meeting point and centre of interaction for a whole range of encounters. Coffee and a whole range of tasty treats are on offer. You can do anything, or just do nothing at all: play table football, read the newspaper in peace, or meet friends. The ‘Konsum’ is at its most exciting when it is bursting at the seams, as this is when it really becomes what it is supposed to be: a meeting place! The ‘Konsum’ is run by students on a two-shift basis.

“First stop is the ‘Konsum’…”

We look forward to seeing you there!

Campus maps

Map of Design Campus (PDF, available only in German)
Map of Art Campus (PDF, available only in German)